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A Video Blog PostMental Health Days Help Kids, But Systemic Barriers Prevent Widespread UseA Video Blog Post

The concept of the mental health day is not new, but as with many aspects of self-care, its importance may have been misunderstood or under-appreciated until the last couple years. Whether from pandemic stress, burnout, financial insecurity, or any number of other stressors, many of usโ€”kids includedโ€”feel the need for a mental health day every […]

The Risks of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

While many have heard of psychedelics being used solely for recreational purposes, they are now being explored for their mental health benefits.1 Despite mounting research exploring the therapeutic efficacy of these drugs, many wonder if they are dangerous. When psychedelic drugs are used in controlled environments, like a psychedelic-assisted therapy clinical trial, they are typically […]